Wholesale Flagstone

Wholesale Flagstone

Flagstone pavers are a popular landscaping material, often used in desert climates to create a warm, rustic look. In addition, this material is incredibly versatile. You can use these natural pavers to create retaining walls, patios, walkways, paths, and more! If you’re looking for great deals on flagstone near you in Marana, AZ, then you can come on down to our quarry. Pima Stone is a leading flagstone and aggregate supplier.

What Is Flagstone?

Flagstone is a sedimentary stone. These materials are formed when sediment layers harden over time under the forces of low heat and pressure. As a result, this material consists of layers, also called strata. Subsequently, you can often find sand, clay, and organic sediments—all in the same paver! This creates a pleasing diversity and uniqueness. As a result, no two pallets of flagstone pavers will ever be identical. You can use them to create a one-of-a-kind look in your residential or commercial landscape. In addition to the pleasing aesthetics of this material, it’s a particularly smart choice for Southwestern properties. This is because it is lightweight and pale in color. Furthermore, it resists heat absorption. This makes it a great choice for pool decks and lounging patios.

A Quick Guide to Terminology

When you begin hunting around for flagstone for your landscape, you might come across some unfamiliar terms. Here’s a handy reference guide.


  • Ledgestone: Particularly flat pavers (ideal for stacking)
  • Milled: Pavers that are cut to an edge on at least one side
  • Mosaic: Random pieces of flagstone put together to create a pattern
  • Pavers: Any flat stone cut into rectangles or squares
  • Steppers: Any stone used as stepping stones in a pathway
  • Slabs: A large piece of flat stone, typically having an irregular outline
  • Thin veneer: When flagstone is cut to provide a veneer for a concrete slab
  • Tumbled: A process done to reduce sharp edges


Here at Pima Stone, we prioritize customer service. We’re always happy to answer your questions and offer recommendations. If you’re ever unsure of what a particular term means or which type of rock is best suited for your landscape, just ask!
flagstone bridge
stacked flagstone

Flagstone Landscaping Ideas

Many of our customers purchase bulk Arizona flagstone because they want to build a beautiful walkway leading to their front door. In addition, you can use these pavers to create a backyard path leading to or through your garden. Here are a few other ideas to consider:


  • Natural stone patio
  • Flooring for an outdoor kitchen
  • Natural stone fire pit
  • Heat-resistant, non-slip flagstone pool deck
  • Retaining wall
  • Decorative stacked rock columns


Note that different projects call for different types of flagstone. For example, if you want to build a walkway without the use of mortar, you’ll need to use a thicker paver (at least two inches thick). It’s always a good idea to talk directly to one of our employees. This way, you can get some great advice on selecting exactly the right stones for the project you’re planning. You can find great deals on bulk pavers at Pima Stone. Visit our onsite quarry to select your own pallet—no two are alike! If you have any questions, please get in touch with our friendly office staff in Marana, AZ at (520) 616-0922.